Sterling silver will naturally tarnish and gold and silver plating will gradually fade over time. Below are a few useful hints and tips on how to care for  your beautiful pieces to keep them looking their best!

* Gold and Silver can be damaged by chlorine and salt so remove your jewellery before your work out or dip in the sea or pool.

* For all Gold and Silver plated items we recommend that you remove your jewellery before a bath or shower or dip.

* Remove Gold and Silver plated rings when washing your hands.

* Avoid your jewellery when spritzing perfume and applying lotions.

* Avoid wearing your jewellery whilst you are sleeping.

* Keep your Sterling Silver jewellery clean by gently washing in warm soapy water and using a silver cleaner, making sure you rinse and dry the pieces.

* Use a polishing cloth or any soft cloth to gently clean your jewellery.

* To avoid your jewellery from becoming tangled we recommend storing it in the Mischka Boutique pouch provided.