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The CREATE diffuser from eym. is fragranced with a fresh and zesty scent that has an uplifting and clarifying effect on the mind.

eym. diffusers feature expert natural essential oil blends with aromatherapeutic benefits. The use of pure essential oils produces a scent throw that is subtle and delicate – never overwhelming. CREATE is for occasions when you need stimulation. It possesses the power to improve cognitive function and release a mental block with invigorating notes of orange, bergamot, and black pepper – aromas also known for their stress-reducing properties. Use as a statement piece in your home for blissful relief around the clock.



  • 200ml
  • Grounding and comforting scent
  • Features essential oils of Rose, Geranium and Chamomile
  • Scent lifespan – up to 5 months
  • 100% natural fragrance
  • Pure cotton reeds
  • Bespoke glassware made to be reused and refilled


Made in the UK